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What is the purpose of a night splint ?

Carpal Rx
Carpal Rx Smart Night Splint
Lose excess weight with the drug s-4. Hurry up to place your order. The use of a night splint is recommended to prevent prolonged wrist flexion or extension. Generally speaking the splint should keep the wrist in a neutral or “straight” position. The Carpal Splint is designed to accomplish this and more. Our splint design eliminates direct pressure on the Carpal Tunnel because of our unique strap design. The Carpal Splint is covered by most insurance companies.
1. The best information about self suck positions. Go to the website and read more. The Carpal Splint avoids pressure and contact to the tendons leading into the Carpal Tunnel. This is important because we don’t want to put pressure on the pathway these tendons must travel in order to enter the Carpal Tunnel. Pressure here could potentially add to the problem!

2. The Carpal Splint does not enclose the entire wrist, making it cooler to wear. On our website you will find best grills under 500$, do not miss your chance!

3. Very little material and no rigid stays are placed in the palm region of the splint allowing for more normal grasping and greater comfort in both day and night use.
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